Challenges of the Entrepreneur, Dad and Multipotentialite.

In this post, I ask…

 Image courtesy of Gregory Szarkiewicz /

Image courtesy of Gregory Szarkiewicz /

Do you have these problems?

Problem #1= Life Pulling You in Too Many Directions.

Problem #2= Not Enough Time.

Through my struggles, I managed to find some pretty damn good tips for you.


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Let’s get to it.


My personality and lifestyle have created many problems that I’m aware of, but often can’t solve.


I’m different because my 3 main traits are:





These traits aren’t the problem, it’s that I’m also a husband, father and breadwinner who works full time.

I don’t plan to be distant or un-family oriented, though, it kinda looks that way, as these traits involve: solitude, self-awareness, and constant creativity that require isolation and time alone.

My brain works this way and I can’t help it. I’m trying and am getting better at dealing with this.

With help from 3 masters…

Emilie Wapnick at Puttylike.

re: Multi-potentiality.

– For those unfamiliar with the term “Multi-potentialite”, I now introduce you to Emilie…Prepare yourself for a massive awakening here! (Feel free to thank me in comments below)


Chase Reeves at Father Apprentice and Fizzle. 

re: Fatherhood and Entrepreneurship.

– Finally, a guy like me! (minus the introversion) Try Fizzle for free here.


Susan Cain at The Power of Introverts.

re: Introversion.

– Haven’t read Quiet yet but next on my list.


My Frustrations and Solutions…


You all know that I’m no stranger to challenges, self-improvement and busting my butt to get ahead, both personally and professionally.

Lately, I’ve been especially frustrated that I haven’t progressed in my Toastmasters roles, both Speaking and Leadership. The fact is, since my second daughter, Hana, was born nine months ago, I haven’t been to one meeting. This is killing me because Speaking and Presenting Skills are the foundation of how I plan to earn money and I haven’t been spending ANY time working on them.

From Sales Presentations, to Online Video Creation, to Conferences and Seminars, I know that I (and you) must continually spend time nurturing this because it will take practice and Years To Master.


 My Best Tips… 

Only 24 hours to a day so we must break our time down. Emilie explains this well, but it only really sunk in to me the other day.

Everyone’s workday is different, but here’s a quick example of mine.

– Go to work 7:30-4:30

– Home to supper (thankfully usually made by my wife)

– Eat with the family

– Day’s work catches up, get very tired after meal

– Gather strength to do dishes and play with kids for 1-2 hours

– Ready for bed but haven’t done anything at all to contribute to ClintMoarInc. (blogging, writing, marketing, reading, social media, analytics, etc.) or wife time or personal finances/budget or home chores or fun/entertainment.

I’ve done some serious sleep analysis and I know myself enough that I cannot function without 7 ½-8 hours sleep. That’s my minimum.

Sorry Gary V, it’s not in my DNA.

I cannot go to a full time job all day long (where I give 110%) on 4 hours sleep. I would be an under slept zombie, irritable to coworkers and my family.

So, the work until 2 in the morning and just Crush It, isn’t an option.

Oh, and because I’m so introverted, I can’t just sit down, start writing a blog post and pop something off 30 minutes. I’m like 30 minutes just to “Get in the Zone” of writing.

How do I not ignore the wife and kids, yet progress in all the areas that a Multi-potentialite, Entrepreneurial Father continually yearns for?

Try to “TimeBlock”, that is, block small amounts of time to focus on tasks. You must use a physical timer, have no distractions and a list or plan.

So, for a Productive 3 Hours, after the kids go to bed, I write something like…

1 hr – Budgeting

1 hr – Start Blog Post

45 min – Exercise

This is working for me.

Even better if you write the tasks BEFORE you plan to do them because then you don’t get distracted. You just sit down, set the timer and go (Thanks to Pat Flynn for this tip).

Hope you’ve found something of interest, help or motivation here…

The good news is that being aware of your Traits and Lifestyle is an important step. Keep working at it and eventually something’s gotta give (like less time at physical “job” or other opportunities).

Do you have any ideas that will help others or me?

We could really use it.



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