Clint’s Podcast Debut Appearance.


Another first for me recently when I was interviewed on

Podcasts With Paul – Interesting people. Interesting conversations.

Podcasts-with-Paul copyPaul Lopushinsky


Paul’s an interesting guy that I met through an introduction from our mutual mentor, Wynn Payne (thanks Wynn).

Here’s what we discussed in about 37 min…

Listen hear.

This was another step outside of my comfort zone.

Much of my Toastmasters lessons were in play here like, watching the ums and ahs and impromptu answering of questions.

I write this post for a several reasons.

  1. I hope to inspire you to give this a try.
  2. To give you a feeling of what it was like for me.
  3. What are your thoughts on podcasts?

You may be wondering,

“Why would you do a podcast Clint?”

The benefits so far have been that I realized I still hadn’t clarified my vision of Intrapreneur Online. My focus is still not super sharp though, I now have better definitions than I had for the interview.

2 Examples:

Paul asked…

What is an Intrapreneur?

My answer was not clear so I’ve been practicing. If I were to be asked now, I would say,

“There are many traditional definitions, but our new modern-day definition is:

‘An intrapreneur is an employee who uses their job as a place to practice and improve their entrepreneurial skills’”.

And when Paul asked…

What is Intrapreneur Online?

I would now say,

“Intrapreneur Online is an online community of intrapreneurs who are changing their mindset from employee to business owner. We practice and improve our entrepreneurial skills by using proven methods and by sharing and learning from each other’s experience.”

employee, entrepreneur road sign illustration design over white, Intrapreneur, Intrapreneurship,

Appearing on this podcast was great because both Paul and I are at the beginning of creating our Personal Brands. It’s pretty cool when I think “Clint’s podcast debut was on the #4 episode of PWP”.

Paul may be just starting but he has

Serious Skills in Improv and Interviewing.

I’m sure he has a successful future with Podcasts with Paul. I feel fortunate to have been a guest and I learn something new each episode that I listen to.

I wish Paul well and encourage you to have a listen to his interviews and to check out his blog.

If your plan is like mine to build an Online Presence and Personal Brand, then finding an interviewer or podcaster should be on your goal sheet.

Please comment below or contact me here with your thoughts.

Do you listen to podcasts?

If so, which ones?

If not, why not give them a try?


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