So, I’m an Intrapreneur.

By my definition, this means that I’m “an entrepreneur who is currently using and learning entrepreneurial skills within someone else’s company”. 

I’m currently an Intrapreneur rather than Entrepreneur because I’ve got myself into a precarious financial situation and I choose to have a job to provide my income.

You may be an Intrapreneur for the same reason as I, but more likely you are because of Fear and/or Insecurity.  You don’t believe in yourself, or, others don’t believe in you or you’re just scared shitless to quit your job.

Not an Intrapreneur yet?

If you’re reading this you probably should be.

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I swallowed my pride 3 years ago when I shut down the operations of my first company, Tailored Woodworking Ltd. and gave up self-employment for another day job. By then, I knew I was truly an entrepreneur, but my path led me to, what I didn’t know then was, Intrapreneurship.  Going back to work for someone else is freakin’ hard for us! It took some real positive thinking, planning, and internal discussions to come to realize that this could be a good thing and make the most of a “job”.


I’m not sure when I first heard or found the term Intrapreneur but it was about 6 months or so ago when I acknowledged that this, is what I’ve been doing. It has mostly been the sales techniques that I’ve been honing (as per the advice of Robert Kiyosaki, Jeffery Gitomer,), though, I’ve also learned a lot about Distributorship, Reselling and staff/team Motivation which is rooted in my passion of psychology.

Intrapreneurship is really just the step before going “Full On Entrepreneur”. It is when you make your mind up to be someone other than “the number” that makes your employer rich. When you recognize that you have something to give the world, something to help others, and you’re going to do something to execute it.

Intrapreneurship is Doing Entrepreneurship.

When you decide you’re going to begin your Entrepreneurship, it makes sense to learn, plan, prepare, market and sell, while you have a stable income. At some point you will go full Entrepreneur. When you do, please remember to inspire others to embrace Intrapreneurship.

Hell, inspire them now and share this article!

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