Maybe you’ve been trying but if

Mediation isn’t really working for you,

here’s a possible alternative…

I met a great lady Michele Theoret from Empowered Yoga here in Edmonton. She did a nice, short inspirational talk at a recent SoulFront event and gave me some great advice.

mediation isn't really working


She said meditation didn’t really work for her but told me to try this (paraphrasing)…


“Close your eyes and relax your mouth…

pay attention to your lips, tongue and jaw…

just focus on these things and just keep them loose and relaxed”

Then she asked me to try to take my mind to another thought but

I couldn’t really switch to new idea.

Apparently, the body or brain gets really deep when focusing on the mouth? I don’t understand or know why, but this is working better than mediation for me.

Thought I would pass this brilliant nugget on to you. Please feel free to comment if you know anything more about this technique.

Also, if you are in the Edmonton area and in need of a shot of passion to spark your imagination,

you gotta check out a meetup

at SoulFront held at the cool Mosaic Centre


Thanks a lot Michele, maybe one day I will give yoga a try!



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