Are you a Multipotentialite with ADD like me?

Welcome to all, including the Puttylike readers.

Ok, so we Putty peeps all have the understanding that we’re Scanners or Multipotentialites.

It’s hard enough for a Renaissance Person that is trying to find his/her meaning and happiness in life. Now, add to the cauldron, a spouse who doesn’t understand Multipotentiality, children to support and finally add in a brain that works different than 95% of North Americans.

This post from a Multipotentialite Parent with ADD

right left brain guy cartoon

It is for those of us who struggle with:

  • Family and
  • Financial Factors and
  • Mind Matters.

For us, life is not as easy as “just find what’s important to you and go for it”.

Though,I believe I have found a solution or a better way to begin the journey.

Have you heard of Intrapreneurship?

More on this in a bit, but first, when you discover you have an amazing brain…

My recent focus has been on my diagnosis of having a form of ADD (or ADHD without the Hyperactive part).

You may or may not know much about ADD but the quote from Dr. Edward Hallowell paints a great picture –

An ADD Brain is like a Race Car with Bicycle Brakes”.

This image makes perfect sense to those of us who deal with this, but the majority of people really can’t understand ADD wiring.

Take my wife, she insinuates, “You haven’t succeeded in ___(fill in the blank) because you don’t finish anything” and“ just when you get going on something, you jump to the next” and “you just need to focus on the task at hand”.

If only it was that easy!

Because I’m a big thinker, I take this all very seriously. I’m a big time problem solver, that’s all my brain seems to do, look for opportunities and solve problems. I want to be successful in many ways.

How do I make myself better?

This has been the question I continually try to solve, for like, the last 10 years.

I started with personality-like systems like Fascination Advantage® Assessment (Sally Hogshead), which is awesome. Then located the Puttylike group and examine my Multipotentiality. Next, I read Barbara Sher’s “Refuse to Choose” book and realize it’s ok to not finish everything that I start.

Then, at the age of 42, I find out I have a form of ADD.

Another wrench thrown into my life!

So, I wonder if the similarities between a Scanners and ADD are connected?

When I Googled “Do Scanners have ADD” I found this interesting writing by Ms. Sher.

“And then we have ADD. Before knowing who they were, many Scanners assumed that their “problem” might be attention deficit disorder (ADD), simply because everyone assumed that being interested in lots of things was a form of distraction. In my experience, I’ve found that many Scanners actually do have ADD, but they are true Scanners all the same. I’ve also met people with diagnosed ADD who appear to be Scanners but are not. Once you understand that a bona fide Scanner has no problem with the normal ability to focus (as opposed to ADD-style hyper-focus), the confusion with ADD usually clears up.

I’m a Scanner and have been diagnosed with ADD. And I can tell you that nothing is clearer than the difference between feeling stuck because I’m having an ADD attack — that is, my mind is in a fog and I have trouble remembering what I’m doing — and being stuck for the typical Scanner reasons of being attracted to so many things that I can’t figure out which project to reach for next.  

Of course, there are many people who are quite content in their fields and have a few normal interests in addition, such as a lawyer who enjoys cooking and travel, or an advertising art director who collects antiques. But there’s a noticeable difference between someone with a normal range of interests and a Scanner”.


Ok, so I’m feeling much better about myself after 2 things.

  1. The above thoughts by Ms Sher. She is someone who understands people like me and I highly respect her. And,
  1. My boss’s recent compliment about how I’m becoming good at understanding our staff’s personality strengths and jobs/tasks that fit them best. All the while with the long term, big picture company plan in mind. What I felt was, “someone finally appreciates that I see things differently and can connect things that they could not see” and they saw the value in me.

Unfortunately, as Multipotentialite ADD’ers, we are constantly told by society that we’re not doing things “correctly” or not following the “correct path” or you can’t have more than one real job/career.

I say…no…we can do many things…we can show those non-ADD’ers that we have very important talents and skills.

We just need to find our best formula, which is not easy.

Enter Intrapreneurship.

One of my main hurdles or stumbling blocks in life has been getting ahead financially.

The ideas of “lifestyle design” or “Multi-Career” or “Renaissance Business” are all fine and dandy for singles or hipsters, but for most families, debts and bills still have to be paid.

Like myself, you may have a continual war between the creative forces pulling one-way and your family’s future pulling the other way.

What usually wins is a “job” because many of us don’t enjoy living in a Yurt or on the street or on a traveling journey in foreign lands. No offence to those of you who do ; )

This could be what Barbara calls the “good enough job”.

But I’m thinkin’ the answer is Intrapreneurship.

Taken from Intrapreneur Online dot com…(my current side gig)

“We are a combination of employee and entrepreneur. We are leaders who learn and take risks inside other peoples companies. We use our employer as our Main Income and as our Entrepreneurial Petri Dish.”



I have strategically found a company that was looking for leaders. I have proven myself loyal over some time and have been given opportunities to learn and practice skills that I need to thrive in my future endeavors. This can be done discreetly and is a win-win for both employee and employer. For instance, I first learned Industrial Outside Sales, improving my struggles with public speaking and negotiation skills. Then moved into

  • Team Building
  • E-Commerce
  • Marketing
  • Distributor Relationships
  • Company Expansion into other Territories

This is Intrapreneurship for the Multipotentialite.

This is allowing me to support the family and put my creative juices in action.

Going to a Full-Time job everyday and not having full control of my time is still difficult but it’s no worse than being a broke Self-Employee at a dead end is it?

The other big point of Intrapreneurship for Multipotentialites is

the opportunity to work on Side Gigs that can move you into Full time Entrepreneur.

That’s what I’ve been doing by creating a community of IPR’s (Intrapreneurs) at

We strive to help others in similar situations by sharing successes, tips, advice, support and cheerleading. PS. I’m looking for some helpers over there 🙂

What do you think?

Do you have a combination of things such as Multipotentiality, ADD, and Breadwinner?

Do you fight between satisfying your ambitions and family commitments?

Has life thrown a few wrenches in your life plan?

Would love to discuss.


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