Have you noticed the latest style of engagement bars and wondered,

“What are those about”?

There has been an increase in applications that allow subtle pop up messages that link back to your own relevant pages. I’ll discuss some Snip.ly examples of this and other alternatives for Lead Generation.

Basically, you can drive traffic to your site by

         Using all the pages that you share anyway!

You all know that I advocate for everyone to create there own website and Personal Brand. This really is the future of leaders.

So what these companies are offering, I call “Personal Bars for Personal Brands”. That is, they could be used to promote your Personal Brand.

The premise is that while we all share interesting pages, we can now add a personal message that pop’s up and invites the visitor to “Click here for something similar” with your words of course.

Sign up to one or more of these applications (I like Snip.ly), which allow you to add a narrow bar or small text bubble that when clicked will direct traffic to your own site.


I read a cool article on Intrapreneurship.

The page looks like this…


Normally, I would just share this to my social networks and be done.

With Sniply,

I create a custom link to that same page but it includes my message and link (to a post that I wrote, or a product or landing page.) as a pop up.

Like this…


Freakin’ Cool!


How does Sniply work?

Just paste in the URL, create your message and choose your button. Sniply creates a new URL and shortens it for sharing. Currently, there is a free version and paid versions with more features (such as advanced analytics and customized colors to match your website).


You can click to see my above example in action here.


This will continue to grow in popularity. I look at this as kinda creating your own Personal Adsense because these are basically your personal ads that are placed on relevant pages.

Besides the Sniply examples, I realized there were several other similar apps and/or plug-ins.

After a quick Google search, some others  that I’ve seen but not tried, are:






Some will say these are annoying pop ups, but I feel they can be subtle and effective if used correctly.

Do you think these are annoying or helpful?

Do you know any other apps like this that are surfacing?

p.s. sorry about the small screenshots. I couldn’t find a way to make them bigger without blurring? Hope you get the idea.



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