Your Video SEO & Corporate Video Production TEAM


“Video is no longer an up and coming sales and marketing tactic.”

                       –   HubSpot, 2016

1. Corporate Video Production –

Creating Videos for Businesses


With 30+ combined years experience,

Anticipation Media Inc has been helping Businesses with professional videos for

over 20 years!

The majority of customers are from Word-of-Mouth referrals.

AMI does not need to advertise for Video Production work.

This says a lot about their Quality and Success.

David, Christy and Clint devote all their video skills and passion for only SELECT companies, so you’re ensured to get one-on-one treatment on all projects from


“We are Anticipation Media Inc. Specializing in corporate, promotional, and trade show video and enriched content for the web.”

                              –  David Jacobs, A/V Engineer, Producer

AMI Stats:

  • Combined Years Experience: 30+

  • Years Producing Corporate Videos: 20+

  • Number of Clients: 320+

  • Number of Videos Created: Unknown

View sample videos by Anticipation Media Inc. here.





         2. Video SEO –

Converting and Ranking Videos for Businesses


A pretty video is great and all, but without views and conversions, Where are the benefits?

Video Clint is one of the rare Video SEO Specialists that can take your videos to the top of search pages.

“My mission at Video Clint is to help companies get onboard and use Videos. Let me show you the Power of Video in 2017!”

                      – Clint Moar, Video Marketer/Founder

Video Clint stats:

(videos created, managed & optimized by Clint from 2013-2017)

  • Total videos – 65

  • Total views – 69,279

  • Total watch time – 115,918 minutes (1,932 Hours)


Here’s one account’s stats from YouTube…

Maybe you’ve tried hiring Marketing Agencies, Marketing Staff or Social Media “experts” to bring you business.

Are they succeeding?

Do they show a ROI?

Well, I show a ROI on the Videos that we produce and promote online.

Plus, I GUARANTEE a first page rank, or you don’t pay!

That’s not a typo,


I GUARANTEE your videos stay on Page 1 of Google

or you don’t pay!

Call, Text or email me to Chat.


videoclint at gmail dot com

Need more convincing?

Google ranks YouTube videos over Text and Images.

Is Your Marketing Team using Videos in 2017?

Why the @#$% not?

Still not convinced?

Let me prove it to you. If I can’t rank your videos, I don’t charge you.

Guaranteed Results

Does your Marketing team guarantee results?

Call, Text or email me for a Chat.


videoclint at gmail dot com

“By 2019, 80% of content consumed on the internet will be video.”

      – Cisco VNI (

Need more persuasion? You are a tough nut to crack! 🙂

Here’s a free guide…

Top Tips to Use Video in Your Business

The tricks stolen used by Video Professionals.


Marketing Agencies…Hire me and get preferred rates.

Call, Text or email me to Discuss.


videoclint at gmail dot com

“Marketers who use video grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users.”   -Aberdeen, 2015


You can see some different styles of video at my YouTube Channel.

Based in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. We create corporate videos, explainer videos, promotional videos, for your website, trade show, or YouTube Channel.

Email: videoclint at gmail dot com

Call/Text me 780.722.5569

or fill in this form.

Why we not the Average Video Production Company…

  • I’m a sales guy at heart (so I want to make you money with your videos).
  • I don’t specialize in ALL TYPES OF VIDEO (just corporate and sales videos).
  • I am the company brand (I put myself out there so you get honest, to-the-point communication)
  • We do animated explainer videos.
  • I don’t believe you need $100,000 dollars worth of equipment to make corporate videos that work (it’s not the size, it’s what you do with your equipment).
  • If I had $100,000 worth of equipment, I would have to charge five figures ($10,000+) per video.
  • Because I don’t have $100,000 worth of equipment, you only pay 3-4 figures per video.
  • I state my Corporate Video Prices online. (what the f____ is the secret?)
  • I promote making in-house videos! (I know, this is taboo with most videographers) there is a caveat to this one (see Clint’s Tips videos)
  • I require a Brand Assessment Questionnaire so we can identify and properly represent your Company Brand ( only takes about 5 minutes and FREE, more  below in FAQ)
  • I can leverage YouTube in Google search engines to place your videos at the top. (Videos rank higher) Are you at the top now?
  • I am not an Art Student looking for artsy videos to stock my portfolio before I disappear off to the Vancouver Art Scene.

    “Product Video 4X as many customers would rather watch a video about a product than read about it.” -Animoto, 2015


Call/Text me 780.722.5569

Email me: videoclint at gmail dot com